Friday, 8 January 2016

The FCSF Matric Students 2015 at Mariazell High School excel.

The Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce that our three students who wrote Matric at the end of last year have achieved great results. All three students, who attended Mariazell High School, achieved Matric exemption and are planning to further their studies at tertiary institutions.

We have been involved in supporting students along the Maluti section of the Freedom Trail for the last 6 years. Our vision was to pluck students out of a failed educational system and give them a chance to succeed in a Province known for its dismal educational performance. These results testify to the success of that initiative.

Below is an extract of one of their results. Note the choice of subjects as well as the results obtained. The school does not hold Maths Literacy in high regard as they expect their students to excel and as such promote Mathematics.

The people who financially support the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund should take heart in the knowledge that their contributions are changing lives. Am am humbled by the ongoing success of this programme. It is an initiative inspired and supported by riders and their supporters.

It is our hope that we can continue to support these matriculants as they venture into the next phase of their education. We do not dispense funding on a haphazard basis but do so with one eye on the intent of the supporter base as well as mindfully assisting students. Simply put, there are no handouts.

These students have been tasked with articulating their intentions as well as mapping a way forward for their ongoing education. Once the trustees have sight of those plans they will be in a position to gauge the needs and determine the level of support required verses the available funding to facilitate the ongoing education.

It's exciting to see how your belief and support in the initiative of the FCSF is bearing fruit. Thank you to all of you who have and continue to support this fund.