Monday, 9 July 2007

The last few days of the race I just wanted to get back to a normal life. For one, I wanted to be able to lie in bed until after the sun came up. This morning, day 1 of life after the ride I woke up at 5am, as I have done for most mornings for the past 3 weeks, and found little joy at the prospect of staying under the covers for a few more hours. It has become a habit to get up early. However I can report that I did not miss my constant companion of the last few weeks - my bike. Left it in the van with David, don't know where it spent the night and quite frankly I don't care.

Got an early night last night as I went to bed feeling like I did before Stettynskloof, really nauseous. Today I plan to head back to the Kloof. Not to walk it again but to show my support for my fellow competitors, Andre, Andy and Earle, who will be passing that way this morning. Hope to able to go back tommorrow for the arrival of Kevin and Steven.

Blog is not done yet - stay tuned.

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