Thursday, 16 April 2009

Training Training Training...

I am so tired of training. When I go out and do a 115km training ride I can't help thinking that if I was on the race I would already be 5% of the way to the finish. Knowing how difficult it will be on the tandem has made me train even harder than my previous attempt. Since Jan this year I have shed 7kg - no diet plan just 4000km of training. That puts me currently 3 kg lighter than my starting weight in '07. I am trying to put in a minimum of 15 hours a week with peak weeks of 25 hours. Work does have a habit of getting in the way!

It is hard to stay focussed as you wind up and down the various trails. As I get further from home there are scores of routes to choose from but on the close-to-home outward and home bound routes it is the same boring stuff. Even Glenn commented the other day that he is sick and tired of the one dirt road we trickle home on. It is trafficless but does get monotonous.

The tandem is now requiring some attention as it is showing signs of wear and tear. The one BB needs replacing as do the hub bearings. I replaced the chains again. Have got new stuff to put on just before the race to get it back to "new" condition. This is one expensive bike to maintain.

Riding through a rocky section this past weekend we took one huge pedal strike which trashed both pedals on the left hand side. Was able to get one working again but the expensive one is toast! Careless riding on my part.

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