Friday, 19 June 2009

Day 5 - Vuvu to Chesneywold

15 hour day. We started the day by scuttling up Lehana ahead of everyone else. We did start about 10 mins ahead of the next couple of riders but managed to hold that gap. This achievement wasn't without a price. The tandem is heavy and difficult to portage with and we paid the price ending th day totally wasted. We were first to arrive in Rhodes. After a quick lunch we headed off to Chesneywold a further 68km up the road. We walked plenty of hills and managed to get in before the other 4 who followed us from Rhodes. The temperature dropped below freezing and made the last 15km seem like a lifetime. Eventually rolled in at 21h30. We were happy to be out of the cold and off the bike.


cat-i said...

mike - can you remember what the max speed was down naude's nek?

cat-i said...

... and were there other bicycles who could keep up with you on that downhill?

all the way up Lehanna i was wondering how on EARTH you boys would manage to drag a tandem up there - serious respect!!