Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 15 - Cambria to Willowmore

19 hours 45 mins! Today we started at 04h30 with the objective of getting to Willowmore which is the support station beyond Damsedrif. It is a long double of 175km that should have taken about 16 hours. A gentle rain fell for the first 8 hours and we squelched through sticky wet clay for the last 25km. To add to our troubles my knee started hurting badly at the 70km mark leaving us to struggle along for the balance of 105km. We eventually rode into a freezing cold Willowmore at 15 minutes after midnight. Now to catch 40 winks and ride the 170km across to Prince Albert in the morning. My butt is tender, my shoulder is sore and my leg aches something horrible and I can barely walk on it without wincing. Today was incredibly tough.


steve said...

cambria to willowmore...the hardest ride i ever did..well done!

Rodney said...

Hang in there Mike - we're rooting for you guys!

Ken said...

2007 seems bad enough, looks like 2009 is quite a toughie. Never even heard of these places.
This is the one time computer boff that moved to Joburg and can't sit still, is it not?