Saturday, 11 June 2011

One more big sleep

Game on!. Have arrived in Pietermaritzburg ready to start tomorrow at 6am. We are staying at Aintree Lodge as I have done on 4 previous occasions before starting down the Freedom Trail. News from the guys who started out this morning is that the Umkomaas river is flowing very strong and it's not possible to wade across. This causes a few problems particularly earlier where we have to cross a rocky band close to the river and then we need to ride to the bridge to cross the swollen river. These challenges will add a bit of time on to our riding time tomorrow but shouldn't be a show stopper. Today the first rider to support station 1 got in around 16:20 and the last few souls wandered in just before 8pm. Last guys racked up a 14 hour day. Their route tomorrow will be even harder - ouch! Hopefully we will get to the first support station before 16:00 tomorrow.
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