Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 2 - the madness continues

After just 2 hours sleep we headed out of Ntsikeni intent on making our way to Malelgalonyane about 150km's away. I became aware early on that my lurgy had erupted into a throat infection which was a bit troubling. We made Masakala without an difficulties and had a bit of a sloppy turn around which left us with 90 minutes of daylight to start our run to our intended overnight stop. We had a good fast and clean ride which found us 75% across the Knira river flood plain before darkness engulfed us. We picked our way across to Queens Mercy and up and over the Mparane ridge when a light drizzle settled it. Crossing a key grassy area we got it a bit wrong and wasted 45 minutes in the blackness of a moonless cloudy night before emerging back on track and getting into the support station around midnight. Started on a course of antibiotics to sort out the infection which was starting to irritate me.
We had set ourselves up for a possible push to Rhodes in 3 days but it meant an early start. Went to bed knowing we would only have time for 2 hours sleep for the second night in a row.

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