Friday, 12 June 2015

Kindred Spirits

This is an excerpt from an interaction with Rory after he completed his Race to Rhodes. He sent a text that simply stated "Glad you understand." I include my response here because I believe we - those of us who have traveled down the trail and those who support us in these endeavours - are united in what Rory summarised in his short but pithy reply " Kindred souls on the trail."
"Glad you understand." Short sentence pregnant with meaning. There are not many people who do understand. Particularly about the Freedom Challenge. They can plot your journey across the country on their monitors and participate in the online banter but they cannot see the journey of our minds and souls. The race is challenging and enriching in a way beyond words. The traversing of the country side is but a side show to the real journey. I guess you are no different to me. In the race I get to spend many hours alone in my head. I get to lay my life out and sort through the clutter. I get to distill the essence of me. And there are times I look at that product and understand the need for change. Over the years the process hasn't changed. I am continually attempting to tweak, tune and rebalance my life. That necessitates some serious soul searching. The trail is the perfect place for that. 
Yes Rory, I do understand. 

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