Friday, 11 December 2015

Racing The Munga - Rider Support Station Experience

I arrived at the van der Kloof rider support station shortly after midnight. It was the first of 5 such stations. The experience at these support stations took a little getting used to. Not because it was confusing or clunky, rather the opposite. It was slick.

The typical interaction at these stations was as follows. You would be met and greeted by name as you arrived. First up, always, would be an invitation to fill in the rider register. You would log your time of arrival and sign. You would then be asked what your plans were and how they could assist you with those plans. Did your bike need attention, could they at least lube your chain. Do you want to shower or eat first, etc.. Really great. The support station person in charge at most stations had eyes and attention for only the riders — it was clear the riders were the most important people in the room at anytime. If you slept you were directed to a room. They asked what time you were likely to require food when you woke. They would even make the tea and coffee for you. When leaving you would once again be asked politely to fill in the register and they would come outside and see you off.

At the first support station I was accompanied to the register. Indicating my desire to eat and push on I was directed to the refreshment table that had everything I required. When I asked where the bathrooms were I was even accompanied to the door of the bathroom — It simply wasn't good enough to point it out from across the room. We experienced service excellence of the highest standard.

At 00:40, 30 minutes after arriving, I saddled up and left the support station.

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