Friday, 20 November 2015

Equipment modifications for Munga

Bike needed a few mods.
As some of you know I got awful carpal tunnel syndrome after the Race to Cradock last year that kept me off my bike for 3 months. Don't want a repeat of that.

So I have added Tri Bars to give my hands more options. First problem. The forearm pads are far too low. Apart from being a strain on my neck and lower back it is going to wreak havoc with my man plumbing. Leaning forward like that for any time is going to make it impossible for me to void my bladder without screaming. I don't want to change my saddle every time I switch between options.

So I hatched a plan and made some spacers that raise the pads up 25mm. What a difference. A lot more comfortable with an added bonus. The pads in the standard setup were at the wrong angle and the one edge dug into my forearm. Now with them raised slightly they are perfectly angled.

Next problem was positioning of my lights. The Tri Bars are in the way and I can't use the lights sideways or upside down as the light beam is shaped for optimum illumination. Obvious solution was to fit the lights between the Tri Bar horns. I found a set of bars ends and modified one which I fitted between the horns. Once sized and tightened it is the perfect light perch.

Will test these mods out this weekend and make sure they work as expected.

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