Thursday, 19 November 2015

Munga nutritional requirements

My race nutrition is not something I think anyone should try emulate. I am guessing that I will be in the minority of one who adopt a no-supplement approach. Apart from the fizzy tabs I add to my water I will make do with whatever is dished up en route. However, there are aspects worth noting.
In the past I have done the whole pre-ride drink, on the bike specific juice mix followed by a recovery shake. Energy bars and gels have been strategically stashed to be available as required. As I, and many others, have discovered, it gets boring very quickly. These days I have few requirements apart from normal food and tea at support stations and plain water (with fizzy tabs) and a padkos style grub to take along on the road. On the Durban Dash I stashed some Race Food nougat and never had a single one. Energy gels got the boot early on in my adventures. The short term benefits (which I never felt) weren't worth the sugar crash that followed.
My recent switch to low carb living had thrown the cat among the pigeons as far as my palate is concerned. Sweet things and me don't mix. I find savoury non-carb snacks more to my liking.
Going into The Munga I have no dietary requirements or preferences. Stick a plate of food in front of me and I will eat it. It's uncomplicated and stress free. It's one less thing to worry about.

Is it a recipe for success? I guess we will find out one way or the other.

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