Sunday, 29 November 2015

Munga Equipment Choices - Part 2


Apart from standard 29er MTB setup I am running a dynamo hub which will make me power independent. For those not familiar with dynamo hubs, they are a front wheel hub that has a built in dynamo. As you pedal it produces 6 volts of alternating current (AC) which you use to power an AC light or push through a AC to DC (Direct current) converter which allows you to plug in standard 5 volt DC USB powered devices. 

With this setup there is no need to change batteries or charge devices at the check points. The race organisers are apparently supplying power packs which can be swapped out for charged units at the checkpoints. Not sure why they are going for the soft option, especially since this is supposed to be a tough race and riders should be self sufficient. 

The supplied trackers will be battery operated so we just need to run lights, charge GPS units and keep our phones charged. 

For the technically curious my set up is as follows.

Supernova infinity S dynamo hub which runs a Supernova E3 light. 

I also run the power through a Busch & Müller USB Werk for USB power. 

The USB Werk has a small cache battery but it is insufficient to power a GPS or iPhone effectively, particularly if you can't maintain reasonable speed. I run the power into a bigger cache battery (standard power pack) which I then attach my devices. My power pack has the ability to charge at the same time as it powers devices so I leave it attached to the hub during the day. 

The E3 light runs directly off the dynohub and when you are going at a reasonable pace it is very bright — claimed 650 lumen. 
I can either run my light or charge my battery, but not both. That's where the second light comes into play. The Supernova Airstream is a USB chargeable Li-ion battery light. It can run for 2.5 to 7.5 hours depending on the brightness setting. It can also run at full power (205 lumen) permanently when connected to the hub via the USB Werk or power pack. Apart from being a spare light (I have seen lights fail) it allows me to switch off the E3 and power up my other devices at night should the need arise. 

Night time riding will be a big part of this race so I want to make sure I have all the bases covered. 

I also have a Hope Vision 1 Led headlight (215 lumen). Will need a headlight for fiddling with my packs or bike during the night and to look around as required. I have an extension on my headlight that allows me to put the power pack in a back pocket instead of having that weight on my helmet. 

On the rear I have fitted a standard battery powered red light. 

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