Friday, 4 June 2010

2010 and on the trail again

Fifty, Fat and Fantastically under trained I have just over a week until the start of Ride 2 Rhodes 2010. To be fair I did ride the inaugural 9 day joBerg2c at the end of April so up until a month ago my legs were turning over ok. I guess you could say I have been "tapering" since then. Andre Britz and I are supposed to be the Guardians for the first group starting on 12 June. I say "supposed" because the job of a Guardian is to shepherd the Ride2Rhodes group through to Rhodes with the aid of a vehicle. These riders although riding the same route as the racers going through to the Cape have fixed stops every day and have there baggage ferried forward each day. They are also met along the route each day and are fortified with food and drink. We have decided that our bunch will dispense with the soft touch and ride to Rhodes as if we are doing the full race. This means full backpacks and no comforts and definitely no vehicular support as Andre and I will be riding the route along with everyone else. What this means in practice is that we only had 2 takers. Looking forward to a fun filled week as we are joined by Francois who rode most of the full race with me last year.

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