Friday, 11 June 2010

So not ready!

7 hours till the start of the ride and I have only just finished packing my backpack - to be fair I only started on it an hour ago.
Have been so busy at work that I have had no time to prepare. Last night I managed to put new tyres on my bike which was long overdue and then haul out a selection of things (clothing and other assorted paraphernalia) which I spread out on the floor. Getting out of bed this morning I realised I was not going to get everything done for my 8 o'clock lift so canned that idea and decided to take my car instead. I ran out of time so asked my wife if she could chuck my bike and anything else that looked useful into her car and meet me up the road. When she arrived it was pretty obvious that I was never going to be able to shoehorn the stuff she had into my car along with all the race admin stuff I was shipping to the start. Decided to chuck my stuff in her bigger car and head off to Pietermaritzburg.
Arriving at the start venue there was the usual hubbub in getting people registered. I followed that up with a very scratchy pre-race briefing which I had to do.
Finally was able to sort my kit out. Found enough stuff to fill my backpack. Just short of a cell phone charger, some nice-to-have space parts, puncture repair kit and a pump. Probably find some other crucial stuff missing in the next day or two but there is nothing I can do about it now except have a good few hours sleep and then head down the trail and have some fun.

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