Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ride into a frozen Vuvu

Really cold night at Malaghalonyane last night made it difficult to sleep. Got going just after 6 to be faced with an icy wind blowing off the snow covered mountains. The first 6km's took us 90 mins. The next 6 were all downhill so took no time at all. The wind chill factor of our speed with the sub zero temperatures made our eyes both water and freeze at the same time. It was horrible. The rest of the day went smoothly but it got progressively colder after midday. We arrived at Vuvu School our support station just before sunset after yet another interesting 2 hour trip through the Vuvu valley. It is as remote a valley as you can imagine and not a simple ride. The last section is a climb up a near vertical face that takes at least 30 mins.
I am now snugly wrapped up in bed in one of the locals huts and can hear the wind howling outside. One day left and I am really looking forward to getting it behind me and getting off the bike for a few days.

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