Tuesday, 15 June 2010

First Snow

We had a lie in today due to the short section. Only about 60km. We hopped out of bed at 6 for a 7 o'clock breakfast to start at 8. At 7 it started snowing lightly. There was light snow as we left and it was on and off all day. Temperature barely above zero all day. Only excitement of the day was an impromptu race across the Knira flood plain. Riders divided themselves into 2 "teams" following either Mike or Andre. Mike only had one taker (Francois) as he had been riding slow from day 1. By the time Andres team arrived at the Queens Mercy shop the other two had been there for over half an hour.
I had a better day today partly because I have gotten over myself and mostly because I lathered my saddle region with anaesthetic cream. Certainly helped. The snow is widespread and may be a problem in the next few days for us. The mountains around us are covered making it really cold. The guys who hung their washing on the fence went to collect it soon after sunset to find it frozen solid.

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