Thursday, 28 June 2007

Day 11 - MZNP to Grootvlakte

62km, 4 hours.
We had a real good fun ride into the support station after a big climb out the back of the park.
We had to haul our bikes over the 8 foot electrified game fence and were relieved to find they had turned it off for us. After an exhilerating single track descent of about 700m in just a few km's we were like a bunch of school boys racing home, hence the good time. They moved us 12km further up the road but that didn't dampen our spirits.
We have done our first double up of the race and the 7 of us travelling together are all strong. We have ridden a conservative race thus far and apart from being caught in the heaviest snow seen around Molteno in many years we are less than 2 days behind the leaders. They have put themselves through the wringer to get where they are and we have been slow, steady and comfortable with no navigational errors so far.

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