Thursday, 14 June 2007

Hurry up and wait

My bike is in pieces getting a final once over before we set off on the trail - new chain, new cassette (the gear cluster at the back), new chain rings (the gear things at the front) and new derailleur jockey wheels. Freebody (the thing under the gear cluster at the back that goes click-click click when you stop pedalling) cleanout and inspection. New cables all round and new brake pads for the hydraulic disk brakes. Bike was new at the end of January this year but nearly 4000km of riding since then has caused a little wear and tear. Besides, no point skimping and getting problems out on the trail. We will be responsible for our own bike wrenching (biker babble for fixing the bike) along the route so anything that will reduce potential problems is essential. Am making sure there is no water in the bike from washing it. All cables carefully dried and lubricated to ward off water penetration. At -10 Celsius the last thing I need is controls freezing up!
Apart from going over the bike there is nothing to do except keep doubting ones ability and preparation. Everything has gone quickly so far, but now the hands of time tick slowly.
A cold weather system is predicted in 10 days time which may have a dramatic effect on a few mountain sections, so the sooner I can start and get there the better. Unless it's high adventure I seek!
Even the posts on the official site have tailed off. It seems as if everyone has withdrawn into their own space to try figure out why they they thought this was a good idea in the first place.

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