Thursday, 28 June 2007

Winter Wonderland, great if you are not on a bike!

Day 10 - Gunstelling to Elandsberg
106km 10 hours. Snowed overnight.
Rode the first 30km through virgin snow 2 - 4 inches thick, with occasional 6 inch patches.
Energy sapping and mentally exhausting.
Visually it is absolutely awesome but for riding it is almost the ultimate challenge. Your rear gear ices up and your hands and feet get unbelievably cold. (Try standing in ice water in one of those caterers tin bath thingies - that's pretty much what we went through today!)
Spent 6 hours grinding through snow and slush and then, fortunately, we were out of the snow and drizzle for the last 4 hours to tackle the final portage of the day.

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