Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 6 - "Up Lehana"

Vuvu to Rhodes. About 53km, and 1520m of climbing. 1000m of that climbing was in the space of 7km. We had to traverse a range of mountains with no obvious route or tracks. It took our bunch 4 hours to get to the summit. The temperature wasn't particularly low but the high winds chilled us to the bone.
I struggled after only getting one hour's sleep the night before and the altitude of 2600m above sea level. At the top the streams are frozen. Stopped at a really top end lodge a few km's after going over. They welcomed us in for coffee, tea and biscuits following which we then rolled into Rhodes.
The "Welcome" at Walkerbouts Inn was in total contrast to the hospitality we have received along the route. They were unprepared.

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