Friday, 22 June 2007

Day 5 - Bike is getting its revenge!

After 4 days of carrying me all over the countryside, my bike has decided it's time to reverse the roles. The front fork has just crumpled up and fallen off the bike (Editor: This is at about 11:30 in the morning). I tried to make a plan, but but the wheel won't go where I want it to go. So I have no choice but to tie the bike to my back pack and start lugging it across the mountains. On a positive note, the closest road is 8km away, and the scenery overlooking the snow sprinkled mountains is magnificent. (This is only middle of day, expect a blog on the rest of day 5)


Riaan said...


It's the rider that will carry his bike on his back to his destination and not the bike that will carry the "racer" to the end of the race.

Now, it's not the cost of the bike that comes to mind, but the price one will tag to such dedication and commitment. . . . Priceless!

Completion can be more rewarding than WINNING.

Good going Mike
Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Is this what you call 'Bike-packing"?? hee hee