Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Questions we were asked along the way

Am currently slogging up yet another steep climb so I thought I could use the time productively and update my blog. We are asked all sorts of questions along the way, some of which are easy and some that are best left unanswered.
"Where are you going" and "where have you come from? are easier to answer than for the inquirer to believe. When stopping at a little shop to get some coke we were asked the above 2 questions. The youth then settled down on a stone wall a short distance off to contemplate my answers. As we left he asked me what prize money we could win in this race. My answer that I could win a blanket was beyond his comprehension. The question that went unanswered was asked by a crowd of young boys who gathered around my bike and asked "How much does this bike cost?" in this, the poorest part of the country, how do you answer that?


Anonymous said...

It’s not all about how much it costs. But what you BELIEVE you can achieve by having it.
It’s not the bike that will win the race but the racer on top of the bike that will take the bike to the end of the race.

Good luck Mike


Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm with Riaan,

Its not about the bike....