Thursday, 28 June 2007

Moments to remember

There are already so many special memories that have come from this race that should my race be over tomorrow it has already been an enriching experience.
- The time near Matatiele when a girl flagged me down and asked to ride my bike and then wobbled a few hundred metres down the road and almost managed to change gears.
- The brief stop to play around with some guys playing soccer.
- Sleeping in a mud brick house in Vuvu where the occupants had vacated their home for a night so that their guests could be comfortably looked after.
- The generosity of the people who let us invade their homes.
- Riding through snow - not on my list of things to do but memorable nonetheless.
The list is endless and we are only halfway to being done. This race touches those who set out to do it. We all agree that what started out as personal ambition has turned out to be about the broader experience.

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