Saturday, 23 June 2007

Walkerbouts lowers the bar on service

At the end of a somewhat inadequate dinner, the rather overbearing proprietor of the above mentioned establishment made an inappropriately comical entry, and announced that breakfast would be served from 7.30. The latest we ever start a day's ride is at first light, and tomorrow we are planning a 5am start. When the race director asked if an earlier arrangement could be made, he turned his head to one side, and said: "I doubt it!"
Over the last few days we have trekked over poverty-stricken areas, and people have been incredibly generous and accomodating. Now when we get to a place that should be able to provide a high level of service, they just don't care!

The Onion Award to Mr Walker.


Anonymous said...

Those who don't have anny thing to give will always be willing to give it all and walk the extra mile!

Those who became to good to serve another, needs to be HUMBLED again.

If dinner was somewhat inadequite why will breakfast be anny better?

Rather not wait for the disapointment. Go and find the closes WIMPY and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike

I know I introduced you to riding a bike, but hats off man you have taken this to a new level. I look forward to reading your next blog-adventure. It sounds like every day is a adventure and pretty cool stuff. Enjoy and be safe

chris morris said...

Mike Sorry to hear of your bad experience at Walkerbouts - I spent a week there recently and had a great time,albeit fishing,drinking,eating,drinking some more and having breakfast at 8:30 ish !!