Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Riding in the snow is not what it is cut out to be

Day 9 - Boschofskraal to Gunstelling.
Left at 6am when the temperature was 2 above zero, the warmest it was to be all day. An hour into the ride it started drizzling. 20 minutes later it had turned to light sleet. Within an hour it was snow and sleet driving right into us.
The snow and ice were packing up on my handlebars, the vents in my helmet and against my chest. My fingers were aching inspite of the fact that I had 3 sets of gloves on. The sleet was stinging my face and eyes. The countryside was being transformed into a postcard quality landscape.
I knew Jenny's Cottages was only 15km's up the road with the promise of shelter. Head down I fought against the head wind counting off the distance all the while my fingers growing colder. Finally riding into Jenny's we were welcomed into a beautiful setting. In the sheltered farmstead the snow flakes drifted lazily, settling on the tree branches. The pathway up to the house was layered with fresh undisturbed snow. We warmed up with tea, soup and sandwiches and sent out to fight on - thanks Jenny.
Within an hour the snow stopped and then we battled through the mud. Arrived just before dark to a warm welcome and a hot bath. Just heard it's started snowing again. Can't say it excites me!

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