Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Day 2 - Don't take advantage of a sleep deprived man!

Today was really interesting.
I was sharing a room with 'my pal' Kevin, who proved to be a bit of a liability.
After listening to him snore lazily until after midnight I finally fell asleep, only to be rudely awoken at 2 am, with "Mike, I can't sleep, let's go!" At that stage of the fight I was in no state of mind to make a good judgement call, so I obediently rolled out of bed. And before I knew where we were - we didn't know where we were! We spent hours stumbling around a forest finally emerging at the town of Donnybrook, some 4 and a half hours (and 20km!) after leaving the support station. We were quickly caught and overtaken by fresh legged cyclists, who had left hours after us. So began a day that ended with 105km, 2500m of climbing and just short of 15 hours in the saddle. Sigh...

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